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Ricky Flores : Fight the Power

RICKY FLORES: FIGHT THE POWER Miss Rosen for NYC, 1981 Born to Puerto Rican parents in New York in 1961, Ricky Flores grew up in the Tremont and Longwood sections of the Bronx. In 1980, […]

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South Bronx Family Album

Cuadritos de Ayer / Cuadritos Perverso is a provocative look at how photography is used to fetishize a marginalize culture in general and that of the South Bronx in particular. It is an attempt to […]

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Ricky Flores’s 1980s Photos of the South Bronx –

James Estrin, staff photographer for the New York Times and co-editor of the New York Times Lens Blog interviewed me in advance of the Seis Del Sur exhibition opening at the Bronx Documentary Center .

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En Foco/In Focus: Ricky Flores

En Foco/In Focus: Ricky Flores By COLLETTE McGRUDER This is the first entry in a series of interviews by Jessica Juliao and Collette McGruder, both emerging photographers and CIIS students. They will be interviewing artists […]

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The Bronx Polar Bears

  Members of The Bronx Polar Bears and the Coney Island Polar Bears hit the waters in Orchard Beach in the Bronx, New York on Feb. 18, 2012.

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Ricky Flores

It was never my intention to photograph history. History happened to Me.  

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Kino: Joe’s top (Taken with Kinotopic)

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Ana Luisa Flores

When did you break? At what point did the promise of youth fade into the darkest regions of your mind?  When did life start grinding you down?  Was it when you saw me?  Was it […]

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TatsCru Graffiti Workshop

TatsCru Graffiti Workshop, a photo by Ricky Flores Photography on Flickr. From left, Nicer Bio and BG 183 at The Point. Check out the entire take.

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The “Dia” Exhibit in The New York Daily News Latino

The work of eight Puerto Rican photographers, Frank Espada, Perla de León, David Gonzalez, Joe Conzo, Ricky Flores, Pablo Delano, Máximo Colón, and Francisco Reyes II, will be featured in the Dia exhibition at the […]

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