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Ricky Flores’s 1980s Photos of the South Bronx –

James Estrin, staff photographer for the New York Times and co-editor of the New York Times Lens Blog interviewed me in advance of the Seis Del Sur exhibition opening at the Bronx Documentary Center .

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Looking for Rosemarie

  Ronnies is looking for information about her mother Rosemarie, who lived near Tiffany Park during the 60’s,  70’s. until her murder in 1982.  The story is not all that different then what we all […]

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Alex mid – 1980’s

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Hip-Hop Culture in the 1980’s

Featuring Hip-Hop photos taken during the 1980’s on the streets of the South Bronx with the music of The Jimmy Castor Bunch “It’s Just Begun.”

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This is where it started.  That moment in time when you are confronted with the reality that your life, the one that you lived and breathed, day to day, is something  more then what you […]

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This was my home

It had to start sometime, in the late 60’s, I can’t even be sure when or how it happened. It had to be gradual because I can’t seem to remember when the buildings started to […]

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This was my playground

This was my playground.  At the time, it was all that I knew and anything outside was simply a fantasy or a dream. I knew every inch of its transforming and decaying landscape. I tirelessly […]

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