Self Portrait

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Ricky Flores

It was never my intention to photograph history. History happened to Me.  

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Kino: Joe’s top (Taken with Kinotopic)

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Kino: Coin (Taken with Kinotopic)

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It has been and always will be that thing that catches your eye where worlds are hidden.

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Ana Luisa Flores

When did you break? At what point did the promise of youth fade into the darkest regions of your mind?  When did life start grinding you down?  Was it when you saw me?  Was it […]

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No day ever the same.

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TatsCru Graffiti Workshop

TatsCru Graffiti Workshop, a photo by Ricky Flores Photography on Flickr. From left, Nicer Bio and BG 183 at The Point. Check out the entire take.

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Witness to History: The photographers of 9/11

Witness to History: The photographers of 9/11 Tuesday, September 6, 2011    Last updated: Wednesday September 28, 2011, 4:46 PM BY THOMAS E. FRANKLIN STAFF WRITER The Record WATCH ‘WITNESS TO HISTORY: THE PHOTOGRAPHERS OF 9/11’ […]

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My Latino Voice; Seis Del Sur

  “Close to 100 people filled the 15th floor conference space on September 29th for the Los Seis del Sur photo exhibit, sponsored by VOCES, the New York Times’s Latino Affinity Group.  The attendees – […]

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