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Looking for Rosemarie

  Ronnies is looking for information about her mother Rosemarie, who lived near Tiffany Park during the 60’s,  70’s. until her murder in 1982.  The story is not all that different then what we all […]

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South Bronx Television on Livestream

Watch live streaming video from rigglord at

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Alex mid – 1980’s

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80 Blocks From Tiffany’s is a million miles from today’s gang life | Film | The Guardian

  80 Blocks From Tiffany’s is a million miles from today’s gang life | Film | The Guardian.

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Planned Shrinkage

In the early 1970s, RAND conducted a study that showed how city services relate to population in a large city. They concluded that when services such as police and fire protection were withdrawn, the population […]

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It haunts me these conversations about the past. Filled with joy in finding folks that you thought you would never see again. Then to listen in growing sadness as you hear about those whose voices […]

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Dreams of my Father

I woke up and saw your picture and wondered, what were your dreams of back in that little apartment in Bronx? I always think of the first day of my consciousness and believed it began […]

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This is where it started.  That moment in time when you are confronted with the reality that your life, the one that you lived and breathed, day to day, is something  more then what you […]

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Maya, Sinner, Saint and Patron of the Arts

I haven’t thought about Maya for a long time. He represented the worse and best of us. Local weed dealer, loan shark, thug, fence and botanica shop owner. His sister lead the local women on […]

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Been thinking about you all day today.  You were a child of the system that somehow was able to keep a shy quirky smile and a spirit that wasn’t crushed until that night that you […]

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