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When the beat was born

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South Bronx Family Album

Cuadritos de Ayer / Cuadritos Perverso is a provocative look at how photography is used to fetishize a marginalize culture in general and that of the South Bronx in particular. It is an attempt to […]

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If only they had return to the definition of the sun after the first mental snowstorm on the summer

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Walked pass a school yard today. The children, they must have been a bunch of 4th graders, were walk

Walked pass a school yard today. The children, they must have been a bunch of 4th graders, were walking around a small track counter clockwise. I couldn’t shake the thought that the yard looked like […]

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Ricky Flores

It was never my intention to photograph history. History happened to Me.  

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Ana Luisa Flores

When did you break? At what point did the promise of youth fade into the darkest regions of your mind?  When did life start grinding you down?  Was it when you saw me?  Was it […]

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TatsCru Graffiti Workshop

TatsCru Graffiti Workshop, a photo by Ricky Flores Photography on Flickr. From left, Nicer Bio and BG 183 at The Point. Check out the entire take.

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The Last Picture I Take

This summer was a bad one for me. I started experiencing chest, jaws and arm pains which resulted in me getting three stents placed into my heart to open up severely blocked arteries. While laying […]

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Si un dia me faltas no sere nada y al mismo tiempo lo sere todo porque en tus ojos estan mis alas y

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