It haunts me these conversations about the past. Filled with joy in finding folks that you thought you would never see again. Then to listen in growing sadness as you hear about those whose voices you will never hear again. By design or choice the stories continue to find their way to me.

I heard that Elaine was murdered in her home in the presence of her children. The brief cop report in the Daily News will never give people a inkling of what she like when she was young and looking for a better future then the one that life imposed on her in the end.

On Fox Street in 1983. ( Ricky Flores )


Daily News article on Elaine;

Friday, April 23th 2004, 7:00AM

“Mommy’s not here. She’s dead.”

Those horrifying words came from the mouth of 4-year-old Dante Sealey, who woke up in his Brooklyn apartment yesterday to find his mother slain in the kitchen.

The little boy and his baby sister, Diamond, 3, stayed with their mother’s corpse for hours before someone tipped cops that her body was inside just after noon, police sources said.

When detectives arrived, the shocked toddler answered the door and muttered the awful news.

“Those poor kids were in the house for hours with their mother lying in there dead,” one investigator said.

Police believe the mom, Elaine Sealey, 41, was strangled sometime after she fed her children dinner Wednesday night.

The medical examiner was expected to determine the cause of death.

Neighbors said Sealey was a drug addict who often let crack addicts use her apartment on McDonough St. in Ocean Hill to get high.

“There was an awful lot of traffic in and out of there all the time. I complained about it to the management,” said Pamela Cook, 40, who has lived in the building for 10 years.

“She always took real good care of those kids, though. She definitely loved those kids,” Cook said. “She was just a person with problems. Every human being has problems.”


she really miss the good old days.
she came from that era of block parties,
hip hop jams at bx river projects
listening while bambatta did his thingThose cats breakdancing,
y’all remember them…
They was rockin steady

she wore lee jeans
with the matching hoodie
and the fresh eggshell all white adidas
with the fat laces that matched her jeans.
y’all remember

her hair was cornrolled back real tight
and her tag name was dizzy!!
Ok I know it sounds funny
even corny
but she was kool

Then there was the weed
Man we would get
around thirty joints out of that
little yellow bag.
We were so kool

But things changed (sigh)
she met this white bitch
she became her master.
she didn’t know where she came from.
she thought she was her friend.
She told her she had her back
and she believed her.

they did everything together…In the beginning.
But I don’t know what happened.
One day she turned on her.
“Don’t u know I love u” she said..
“i would do anything for u?”
So she said in her most seductive voice
“prove it”.

now, I don’t have to tell u
but u need to know that she did anything
and everything for this bitch.

Man, what the fuck.
What happened to the good old days.
All she wanted was to be “down”

~~~~Mona Bode~~~~
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